Compact, portable, battery-operated power lift

Our GoLift (GL) line of products allows you to lift and move products without the risk of injury by having to pick-up, or move them physically. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, the GL line is a convenient way to maneuver items throughout the office. 

Available in three different models and various optional attachments, the GL line is a safe and easy addition to any business to help reduce the risk of personal injury and increase productivity.


Standard Features:

  • Ball Bearing Caster Wheels
  • Power Lift
  • Safety Horn
  • Standard platform* attachment - lifts to 60"
    *Platform will be omitted with the selection of an optional attachment listed below

Optional Attachments:

  • Safety Light
  • Lifting Forks - lifts to 54"
  • Lifting Jib - lifts to 72"
  • Keg Hook
  • Tire Lifter
  • Power Rotator*
  • Power Rotator Clamp (GL9 only)

* The GoLift Power Rotator has two attachment points. The lower position will have a dump over height of 52" and lower all the way to the floor. The higher position will give you 60" dump over height and will not lower all the way to the floor. It is changeable by just bolts so it can be adjusted as you see fit.




  • Powered lift
  • Push/Pull
  • Up to 300lbs lifting capability


  • Self-propelled
  • Powered lift
  • Up to 400lbs lifting capability
  • Emergency safety stop


  • Self-propelled
  • Powered lift
  • Up to 600lbs lifting capability
  • Counter weighted
  • Emergency safety stop

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GoLift Attachments

Lifting Forks

  • Available on all models
  • Adjustable width
    • Maximum inside-width: 14”
  • Length of forks: 14”


  • Available on all models
  • 21” long x 24” wide

Lifting Jib

  • Hook on the end to add other attachments 
  • Available only on GL7/GL9

Keg Hook

  • Can attach to either Lifting Jib or Platform
  • Can hook to Keg both length- and width-wise
  • Available only on GL7/GL9

Power Rotator

  • Up/Down
  • Up to 300lbs*
  • Will accommodate up to a standard 32-gallon round container
  • Rotates 360 degrees 
  • Available only on GL7/GL9
  • Dump over height 52" - Email for information

Power Rotator Clamp

  • Up/Down 
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Clamps to circular objects
  • Available only on GL9


*Load rating calculated based on load center no greater than 4” from the face of the mast.