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Trash Can Dumping Machines

Trash Can Dumper

Electric Hydraulic Trash Dumper

Our hydraulic, electric trash dumping machines provide a more economic solution to reduce the high injury risk of waste handling.  At the push of a button, easily dump trash cans into larger dumpster.

Need to dump larger totes, tilt trucks or bins?

The Auto Trash Dumper dumps tilt trucks and whales too!


Mobile Trash, Drum & Tote Dumping

Compact Lifting Equipment

If you are interested in a garbage can lift and dump machine, please CONTACT US for a quote.  Another popular Waste Handling Solution is our GoLift (any model) with Waste Dumper Tooling. Below see the GL5 & GL7 with two different drum dumping & tote dumping devices used for garbage removal.

The GoLift line of portable lifting devices are versatile, mobile, battery powered machines that can be equipped with a variety of tooling from standard lifting forks to these Trash Tote, Waste Can or Barrel lift and rotation devices.

GL7 trash bag lifting jib
GL5 Trash Dumper

 Full Featured Power Trash Dumping Device

Lifting heavy trash drums and recycling cans or rolling trash totes up to dump them into a larger dumpster poses severe injury threats to workers. This act of consolidating garbage is very common in all sorts of facilities. Overhead lifting leads to injuries to the back, shoulders, arm and neck.

Compact Trash DumperERGOdynamics presents the trash handling solution…. An Electric, Trash Can Lifting & Dumping Device.

We design and manufacture this excellent piece of equipment that is in high demand around the country! Facilities management of all types, including; Schools, Event Centers, and Companies as large as Boeing and small as independently owned restaurants are installing waste handling devices. Why? Because safety is now profitable.

We have been manufacturing waste handling machines for many years and have recently redesigned our trash can dumping device to include a couple really great features!

1) Compact design operates in the smallest footprint.
2)Our can dumping device rotates 360 degrees for dumping, compared to our competitors 30 degrees, giving more effective and clean dumping of debris.
4) Will accommodate many sizes and types of trash cans and rolling totes.
5) Lifts up to 200 pounds. Strong enough to dump common debris or heavy scraps from manufacturing.
6) The trash dumper has a key switch to prevent unauthorized use and is mobile, allowing it to easily roll into a warehouse or other secure storage space.

  • Width: 34″
  • Length: 60″
  • Height: 76″
  • Lift Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 120V or 220V AC Current
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Interested in installing a trash dumping device at your facility?  CONTACT US or REQUEST A QUOTE online.