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Trash Dumping Machines

Trash DumperThe Auto Trash Dumper and Auto Trash Dumper Jr. move waste from totes or trash cans at the push of a button.  Machine is portable, AC or DC electric hydraulic, dumps containers up to 60″ wide into dumpsters ranging from 40″ to 72″ in height.

Engages totes, trash cans, tilt trucks, barrels or curb side rolling trash cans with either forks, side bar hook or strap/lip hook.

Trash Dumper Jr.Dumps at an extended 45 degree dump angle for optimal expulsion of debris.

Safely and easily transfer garbage from trash cans or totes to larger dumpsters with our battery operated trash handling equipment.  Ideal for hospitality, food production, manufacturing and more.  Reduce time loss injuries with an electric trash dumping machine to assist your workers in “taking out the trash”.
Vertical Ergo Trash Dumper : Our newest design features and up and over design that works for areas with limited space around the dumpster.

Each machine is built to order, to your specifications.  When requesting pricing, let us know what type of trash receptacle you are using and the height of your dumpster. Expected delivery time is currently 6-8 weeks.
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GoLifts with Trash Dumping Tooling

Workers of any size and strength can operate and maneuver the GoLift with Trash Dumping Tools.  Each of our three models of GoLifts can be equipped with Trash Dumping Device.  Each lifting machine is available in 300lb, 450lb and 600lb lifting capacities.  Trash dumping end effectors include a 1) Trash Tote or Can Lift with Forward Dump, 2) Can or Barrel Grip w/Side to Side Dump 3) Trash Tote with Forward Dump Attachment 4) Trash Bag Lift.  The GoLift 3 and GoLift 7 offer power drive while the GoLift 5 offers manual drive.  All three machines provide power trash lifting & dumping capability.  Our GoLift 7 offers all power lifting & drive in an extremely compact design. We can provide you with pricing on our standard waste handling equipment or REQUEST A QUOTE for a custom trash handling device.

GL5 w/ SidewaysTrash DumperGL7 trash bag lift

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