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Innovative Industrial Ergonomics

The GoLift GL5 is our basic battery powered, ergonomic, material handling lift. Lifting payloads of 300 or 400 pounds with manual push/pull drive. Like all our GoLifts, the GL5 can be coupled with our Standard or Custom tooling options that allow you to handle rolls, barrels, bins, tires and more!

The GoLift GL7 is a unique little battery powered lift with power drive as well. This machine is designed to be completely ergonomic, with a lift capacity of 300 or 400 pounds. This compact lift operates within it own footprint, turning on a dime.

The GoLift GL9 is available in two powerful, counterbalanced lift capacities. It's capable of lifting 300 or 600 pounds of payload with no forward stabilizers, so its able to get right up next a pallet or work space that does not have clearance.