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Featuring - Trash Can Dumpers
Ergodynamics specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom ergonomic material handling equipment. Our GoLifts can perform a variety of tasks from general material handling, load rotation, roll handling, keg lifting, drum handling, garbage can dumping and much more. Our featured machine is specialized in lifting and dumping heavy trash cans, totes, barrels and more. Contact us for more information about safely dumping trash cans into dumpsters.



Compact, Battery Powered Lifts

Ergonomic Lifting Device 3 Models to Choose From

GoLift 5    GoLift 7    GoLift 9

ERGOdynamics Lifts the Standard With GoLifts…. ergonomic vertical  lifting devices designed to assist with the vertical lifting & manipulation of heavy or awkward objects.  A multi-task, lifting device for use in office, lab, schools, food prep, delivery, brew pubs, event centers, order picking, assembly, shipping centers, construction, waste management, medical facilities and much more!  MORE INFO

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Trash Can Dumpers

Power Trash Dumping Devices

Lifting heavy trash drums and recycling cans or rolling trash totes up to dump them into a larger dumpster poses severe injury threats to workers. This act of consolidating garbage is very common in all sorts of facilities. Overhead lifting leads to injuries to the back, shoulders, arm and neck. 

We design and manufacture manual and electric trash dumping equipment.  Facilities management of all types, including; Schools, Event Centers, and Companies as large as Boeing and small as independently owned restaurants are installing waste handling devices. MORE INFO


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Electric Carts

Battery Operated Carts

Increase worker safety with the proper material handling equipment! Power carts reduce work place injury by eliminating the need to push or pull heavy loads. By using a power cart, moving materials becomes safe and increases productivity – saving you time and money! Available with lift decks, standard decks, specialized tooling, and in both 4 and 6 wheel configurations. MORE INFO

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New Trash Dumper Design Resolves Space Limitations

The introduction of the Auto Trash Dumper presented a new, low cost solution for dumping heavy bins, totes and cans of garbage.  It has

Vertical Trash Dumper

been very well received on the market and we are in full production!

As customers approached us for their trash handling needs a new issue came to view: limited space surrounding dumpsters.  Dumpsters are often housed in small out buildings or hidden away behind retaining walls.  These create both vertical and horizontal space restrictions that makes the original swing out design of the Ergo Trash Dumper unusable.  This new design, while slightly more costly resolves those issues by lifting the load straight up and rotating when positioned for dumping.

Are you looking for a Trash Dumping Solution for use in a limited space?  Contact Us for details and to keep up to date as this machine emerges onto the market around the 1st of the new year.

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New Clamping Dumper for GoLift

Clamping rotator on GL5Power Clamping Dump for GoLift

This versatile, new tooling for the GoLift allows a worker to easily and safely lift a variety of sizes of containers and dump them.  This was designed for a dog food manufacturer to dump containers of food into a large hopper but it could be used for other food preparation, trash or manufacturing operations that requires dumping of containers.  Shown here on our GoLift 5 capable of lifting and dumping up to 250lb containers.

You can view a video demonstration of the machines capabilities by clicking here.

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